Chai Time

Every time is chai time in India. We love chai. In India you have chai morning noon and night. And mid morning and mid afternoon. And all the other hours of the day. If you like chai, India is the place for you. Chai is a way of saying hello. It's a way of being hospitable. It's a way of developing friendships. It is a blessing to have such a sweet way to greet people or be greeted by people. I wish we had such a simple and expected welcome here in America. We must always remember that we have much to learn from other cultures.

IMG_8517 copy.jpg

Transportation Advice

We do a lot of traveling in India. Let me just give you some advice. These bicycle rickshaws are THE WORST mode of transportation. Don't be fooled by their smiles. When in India, I highly recommend a lovely auto rickshaw ride. They're cheap and fun and easy. They do not bump like crazy and leave you hurt forever after. Just some advice for when you travel to India.


Hard Workers (part two)

I've mentioned before what hard workers Indians are. These women carried stacks of bricks on their heads all day. They went back and forth delivering bricks to where men were working on this building. They were an essential part of this construction crew. And they were tireless. I am always challenged to be a harder worker when I see how our friends in India work (and in flip flops too!). 


Building Update

For those of you waiting for updates on the building. We are getting so close to seeing it completed! Walls and floors are almost all done. Here is one of the bathrooms with the tile in. It's going to be so cool! Thank you so much for caring about this building and being part of this process with us.