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Rickshaw Jigsaw

We love to play a fun little game called "How Many People Can We Fit in a Rickshaw?" Let me tell you- three is a tight fit and no one is sitting comfortably. But we like to stay together. And also not pay for multiple rickshaws. So we play our favorite game. Here is an example of when we have four. If you want to have some fun, lots of laughter, and some awkwardness while traveling short distances, I recommend trying this out. 😂


Joy in All Places

Oh the joy on these faces! It's amazing that we can find joy in all places. Especially in the faces of children. Circumstances do not always prevent children from playing, laughing, and enjoying. May we all learn to enjoy the life we have like children do.

Slum Kids.JPG


This, right here, is the hardest part of being in India. Driving past child after child asking for money. As in the last post, this little girl is taking care of this baby. But she is also working hard to get money while doing so. It is hard to not stop and give to every child. But you just can't. Most of the time they do not get to keep any of the money. This boy is asking for food. That is sometimes easier to do. Carry food with you and hand it out whenever you can. Either way, prepare for a broken heart as you drive by so many that you cannot help. Trust the One that made them to take care of them. It's the only way.