Project FatherHeart

Project Father Heart is a non-governmental organization registered with the Government of India, under the registration "association of charities" Act of 1860 and of public interest act in 1950.

The institution works to rescue and restore children at risk of sexual exploitation and trafficking through a family atmosphere of love and encouragement.  The view to the long term is to avoid evil (poverty, abuse, hopelessness etc.) and promote comprehensive and holistic development of each child through spiritual, physical, intellectual and social care.

The areas of emphasis:

1)    Serving

The children’s home aims to prevent sexual trafficking of children by rescuing and restoring them from the streets and brothel areas of Maharastra.

2)    Training

All of the children in Project Father Heart are in private, English speaking schools because “we believe in the value of education (both formal and informal) to help transform lives and give a better hope for the future."

“We believe that a good education can give confidence and the skills necessary to stop the cycle of poverty and ignorance that occurs in these 'street' families."

3)    Making Disciples

The children of Project Father Heart attend ongoing courses and camps to help each child grow spiritually in their own pursuit of God.



Joy has been rescuing children at risk in India for over 15 years. Joy is one of the Directors of Project Father Heart in Maharashtra, India.

How it all began:

“Many years ago, we saw many children and youth living on the streets suffering from poor health, malnutrition, physical violence, psychological trauma, and the hostility of the public.  Some were living at a hut made of plastic or cardboard and sleeping on the pavements of the streets. Some were living in brothels (being drugged or neglected while the Mother worked).  Some were engaged in child labor during the day.  But, many of the children were living 100 percent of their time on the streets, begging, stealing, and involved in prostitution (as young as 11 years old).  That is why we started Project Father Heart to be a safe home for these children; for them to be part of a family and to receive love and education to help restore their lives.  We long to be a place where the children can be nurtured, achieve their dreams, and hope for their future!”


Sandeep and Deena

Sandeep and his brothers started Project Father Heart by helping children at risk at the railway station in a large city in India. Sandeep is a member of the Board of Trustees of the children's home trust, where he has acted as Secretary for the past 10 years as well as helping in administration, finances and upholding the legalities of the trust.

Sandeep has a heart to see at-risk children restored and rehabilitated into the mainstream of Indian society.  He works in raising advocacy and awareness as well as networking with other NGO organizations toward this goal.

Sandeep is also active in working in the slums in the Maharashtra region. He has been overseeing and directing this work for the past few years. 


Zion Children's Home

Zion Children’s Home began in 2001 in Jharkand, India (near Kolkata). The Director, Joseph (along with his wife, Deborah) leads this growing work for the tribal areas of Northern India.  It is registered under the Trust Act of India.

160 tribal children (and counting) have been rescued as of January 2018.  These children were orphaned or abandoned by parents who could not care for them. “The custom in these areas is that if the Father dies, the Mother abandons the children and finds another man to help her start a new family. So the children are left with no one to care for them,” Joseph says. “Abandoned, orphaned, or extremely poor children under threat of being sold into slavery, are loved and raised up to fulfill their dreams and destiny.” 

The children are housed and schooled in the Zion Center along with Joseph and Deborah, their staff, the “School of Servant” students, and the various other programs going on there as well.  It is a very “full house!”

Current Projects:

We are helping with expanding the home and school  for the tribal children on the Zion property. Please contact us if you want more information. 


Foster Care and Adoption

Our passion is to rescue and care for at risk kids. This can be seen through the organizations and families listed above and our support of them. However, we also strive to support foster care and adoption both in India and the United States. Our goal is for more kids to know they are loved and to belong to a family. There are so many ways this can happen and we believe that foster care and adoption is the best route when possible. We are in the process of creating a grant for adoptive families that will help fund adoptions. Our work supports restoring children to families. Foster care and adoption are a huge part of that.

Other Works we Partner With

House of Peace - Delhi, India

Directors Shaji and Claudia rescue, restore, and rebuild family for at-risk children from the streets and brothels of Delhi. 

Light of Life Preshool - Pune, India

A daycare ministry run by Dr. Ruby who along with her staff care for, feed, and give spiritual and emotional support to the children of the brothel area in Pune.

Axiom Global Monastic Community

Axiom Monastic Community is a global network of communities and friends, some of which are home-based in the Yale University town of New Haven, CT. This missional network consists of aspiring contemplative activists, Christian communities, and individual participants in over 27 nations of the world.

Axiom builds upon the long and historic monastic traditions established both by the Western and Eastern Church. It provides contemporary expressions of Christian community life and offers a practical and prayerful rhythm for such communities as well as Axiom participants. 

Axiom is passionate about Jesus and living the God-filled life everywhere.