From Land to a Building

Well, it's been a little while since there's been a post here. We apologize for not keeping this blog updated. That will change starting now. We are so grateful for all of you who support our ministry and care about the work we are doing. We want to share it all with you. Sometimes it can be hard to find the words to communicate all that has happened, but we will try our best.

The first thing we can update you on is the home we shared about in the last post. It has been a slow process, but it is coming along! We are very excited  about the progress we have seen. We had our first party inside the building in January. It may not look like this would be possible, but it was! It was very exciting to celebrate what God has done. There were many smiles, and laughter filled the building. It felt like a big family was together for a very special reason. 

The home is on the outskirts of the city in the countryside and it is a beautiful area. The kids will be able to run and play outside. What a blessing this will be! They will also have a garden. It will be a better place for kids to spend their time than in the city. We have developed good relationships with the neighbors and anticipate that being a blessing as well. We can't wait to see this building finished! 

Thank you to those of you who have made this building possible. We are so grateful. It will make a huge difference for the ministry. It has brought so much hope for the future. Thank you.