Always Growing

Part of working with kids is that we always have to adapt what we do as they grow and need different things. So now we are entering a new phase of working with kids who are becoming adults. We are so excited for this new season. Many of our kids are preparing for university. We are so excited to see where they go and what they do. They have changed their lives. They have studied hard and are excited to work towards further studying and eventually have jobs that they have long dreamed of. We are so proud of these kids and we just can't help but tell you all about how amazing they are. Some of them are studying to be engineers, some want to study in the medical field, and many desire to take care of those in need like they have been cared for. There are many other dreams as well. And we know they will achieve their dreams. Because these kids have overcome all obstacles, beaten the odds, and refuse to give up. They work towards their goals until they achieve them and this one will be no different. We are so proud of these world-changers and we can't wait to see all that they do. If you are interested in partnering with any of them financially to help make this possible, please email us at We welcome all your prayers for their future success. Thank you for being excited with us!