Whenever we have a chance to gather together with other believers who have the same heart, we are grateful. We are blessed with the opportunity to do this when we are in India, but also when we are in the United States. We just attended a YWAM conference, even though we are not technically a part of YWAM. We were welcomed in and invited to continue to return and join with them. It was a time of gathering together in worship, prayer, and learning. Part of the beauty of our faith is that we are united by our God and able to connect because of what we share in Him. It is so uplifting to be reminded that we are not in this alone. We are so grateful for all of you who pray for us and support us and walk with us in whatever way you do. We are so grateful for everyone who is doing the work we are doing in different ways and different places. We are grateful that, together, we have so much hope. Even if there are no answers to tough situations, together, we are able to remind each other of Him and His goodness and refocus our gaze. One phrase from this conference that kept coming up was, "We don't know what to do, but our eyes are on you." Together, our eyes stay on Him. May we stay together so we can keep helping each other to keep our eyes focused on Him.