Studying Success

I am so pleased to share that all of our 10th grade girls at Zion home have done incredibly well on exams! 10th grade is a very difficult year for children in India. It is when they take final exams to see if they have passed their schooling. It is comparable to our 12th grade. After 10th they still have 11th and 12th but those are more like community college. They pick a specific track and prepare for university in 11th and 12th. So 10th ends the main elementary through high school education. The tests at the end of 10th are incredibly hard and students spend hours and hours studying for weeks. Our girls (who come from an area where most girls are married by 14 and certainly don't go to school through 10th) got the highest possible scores on these exams. All of our 10th grade girls. We are blown away and so so proud. What an exciting success this is. We can't wait to see what world changers these girls become as they continue on in their studies and their futures.